Exhibitions 2018

Photography Award 2018

The curators of Home Museum Spazio Tadini have attributed the Premio Fotografia 2018 [Photography Award 2018] to me for the valued framing shot aiming to emphasise a detail that refers itself to a particular aspect of the city life.

The award offered by Monteoliveto Gallery is the participation to a 2019 event. More information to follow in October.


In December 2018 I will present a photo in the Paris Contemporary '18: Tombola! 

Please stay tuned for more information later this year.


From June 8 until July 8 the 2 photographs below will be presented by Galleria Monteoliveto and shown in Spazio Tadini, Via Niccolò Jommelli,24 Milan.  Inauguration was on June 8 at 6.30 p.m. For a video of this exhibition see: YouTube